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Afternoon Tea Hamper


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Fudge Kitchen’s luxurious, fun and fruity Afternoon Tea Hamper provides a good excuse for a natter with friends and deliciously indulgent selection of grown-up treats.

No longer is high-tea a doily loaded, pretentious past time with the Fudge Kitchen luxurious, fun and fruity Afternoon Tea Hamper. We all love a good excuse for a delicious treat and gabble with friends, but how can you shed the shackles of dry and dusty grandma meetings? Here’s how: the Afternoon Tea Hamper. It comes with all you need to turn your afternoon tea into a trendy event packed with indulgent, quirky treats and bespoke blended tea. What’s more, giving this quirky gift will not only win you a grateful invitation to the best 1st tea party of spring – but ensure that you won’t get stuck with the washing up either!

The Afternoon Tea Hamper contains the following Items:

• 5x Blends for Friends handmade bespoke Fudge Kitchen Teabags which perfectly                                                  complement the taste of fudge

• Clotted Cream Sharing Bar

      • White Chocolate & Raspberry Sharing Bar

      • Double Trouble Chocolate Sharing Bar

      • Vanilla Toffee Liquid Fudge Sauce

      • Drinking Fudge Sea Salted Caramel Box

      • Lemon Tart Gourmet Butter Sharing Square

      • Apple Crumble Gourmet Butter Sharing Square

      • Cherry Bakewell Gourmet Butter Sharing Square

      • 8 Gourmet Dipped sticks dipped in velvety complimentary chocolate in 4 flavours

      • Packet of marshmallows containing 6 portions

*Hampers now packaged in a trendy, textured black hamper and luxury ribbon.

Total Weight of Hamper: 1270g